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Root Canals in Carmel, California

Our dentists may recommend root canal therapy if you’re experiencing significant tooth pain. The team at Carmel River Dentistry in Carmel River, California, can alleviate the pain you’re experiencing. You may be nervous about scheduling your root canal therapy. Rest assured that the procedure is relatively painless, especially compared to the discomfort you’re experiencing due to an infected tooth. We utilize the latest dental tools and techniques to deliver exceptional results for our patients. Contact our office to schedule your root canal appointment.

Human teeth anatomy. Cross section of human tooth. 3d illustration

When Is a Root Canal Necessary?

When a tooth has become fractured, or a deep cavity has occurred, the tooth’s pulp is more susceptible to bacteria and may become infected. The infection causes deep pain and ultimately a higher risk of tooth loss. Once bacteria have gained access to your tooth’s innermost “pulp,” or the carrier of the tooth’s blood supply, a root canal may be needed. Our dental team can preserve the tooth with a root canal procedure.

Root Canal Solutions

A root canal is a highly successful solution to saving teeth that would otherwise be lost to infection. Not only will it save your tooth, but it will also alleviate the pain you’re currently experiencing. At Carmel River Dentistry, our dentists can complete the root canal procedure in our comfortable office. We’ll remove the infected pulp during the root canal and replace it with a rubber sealant. Next, the tooth is capped with a protective crown. The crown enhances the tooth’s natural beauty and reinforces the tooth against future damage.

How Long Is the Recovery Time for a Root Canal?

Root canals are completed in a single visit to our office. Once we’ve completed the procedure, you may still experience some tenderness and discomfort from the tooth and area around it. However, after a couple of days, the pain should subside. If you’re still experiencing pain in the area after a week, you should contact your dentist.

Are There Other Options?

Once the tooth pulp has become infected, tooth extractions are the only alternative to root canal solutions.

Premier Dentist Office in Carmel River, CA

At Carmel River Dentistry, we provide root canal therapy in our comfortable and relaxing office. We understand that some of our patients may have dental anxiety and avoid visiting the dentists. However, even when they’re in extreme pain, root canals shouldn’t be something you dread because they help alleviate the pain you’re experiencing. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.